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You can find out more about us here. You can also find us on YouTube here.

For those of you that can’t go on YouTube, I’ll be putting the videos on this page as soon as they’re released. You can also find out about our upcoming projects here as well.


Our Productions:


Izoria’s Choice-December 2018

Izoria Rose has a wonderful life- until a telegram changes everything. Written as a project for Literature by Jo.

Christmas 2018


Ari Kireina, a conflicted warrior woman in feudal Japan, tries to keep her controversial traditions secret from an investigating samurai. Things get trickier when her best friend gets involved. Based on Madison’s WIP Warfare, a series of historical romance epics set in a re-imagination of the Edo period in Japan.

Coming Soon:



An eccentric man who’s particularly fond of the sea prides himself on treasure carefully collected. But when their value is questioned, will he do the same of his worth? Scripted by Jo from Jan Neruda’s short story as a school project.