The 8 Stages of Life After Avengers: Endgame-A Collab With the Fabulous Jo



I think it’s safe to say that Avengers: Endgame destroyed everyone who saw it. I also think that it’s safe to say that that was an understatement. Destroyed? More like broke your heart into a thousand small pieces and you are not okay and will never be again.

Whether or not you’ve already seen the movie or are planning to see it, Jo and I have come together to create a little guide for you about what your life will be like after you see Endgame. We’ve determined the eight stages that happen after you see the movie. Because there is a before and an after. This is a survival guide, a tip guide, a here’s what you need to know guide, and a can you relate to this guide.

I’ll be posting Stages 1-4 and Jo will be posting stages 5-8.

We’re trying to keep this as free of spoilers as we can.

So, let’s begin.

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Various Thoughts From A Blogger After An Unintended Hiatus

Well, it’s been a while! Hello guys! I believe it’s been about half of a month since I’ve posted, which is kind of crazy. I did miss this blog a lot and I’m very glad to be back. This post is kind of an updates post about this blog and also about what happened during my absence.

So, let’s get started with the various thoughts!

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Countdown To The Last Jedi-The Movie Is Out!

The movie is out! That means that today is the final day of the count down! I was actually extremely lucky and got to see the movie last night. No spoilers, but it was really awesome. The movie had lots of funny moments, great action scenes, and some really heart breaking scenes too. There were also porgs. If nothing else, go see the movie for the porgs. XD

So, now that the movie is out (Eek!), I’m going to tell you some different ways to celebrate it!

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Descendants 2-Movie Review

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Descendants 2 was slated to be the family tv movie event of the summer. It drew in over 21 million views after delayed views. The night we watched it, my Mom, my sister and I all sat on the couch. When we pressed play, we were expecting a movie to topple all other Disney movies. Instead, well, we were a little disappointed.

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