While on a Walk…(Some Thoughts)


Today while I was on a walk, a little girl asked her mother why I was walking down the street.

“Because she’s going on a walk,” the mom replied.

That got me thinking. Have we really reached the point where young children don’t know the magic of a walk around the block? Of being able to hear your thoughts dance around your head to the beat of your footsteps? Of just being able to enjoy nature and not our devices?

Or is the fact that we are told from a young age that biking is faster than walking and therefore is better? That we are already starting to learn what society instills in us; that faster and newer and better is what’s worth having?

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‘Twas the Night Before Camp NaNo…


It’s about 8:30 pm on March 31st. Camp NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow. And I can’t wait.

Last April, I participated in my first ever Camp. My project was outlining and structuring “Catch”, the same novel I’m writing draft two of for this Camp. I’m also hoping to begin editing it during Camp since it’s a novel in verse and shorter than most types of novels. My goal is currently 20,000 words. It will be a struggle to even get those down.

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Of Peppa Pig and French Class


About a week ago, I walked into French class. Per usual, there was something playing on the Promethean board. I looked at what it was and burst into laughter. There, was Peppa Pig and her friends, speaking French. I sat down and began to watch it. The rest of the students in our small class walked with their own giggles and “What the hecks?”

As I watched it, I realized something. I realized that I understood what was happening, but more importantly, what the characters were saying and what it meant. I was so excited. It may seem silly, to be excited at watching a show meant for kids years younger than I. But, it meant something.

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Introducing….The Blogger Box!

What do you do when you want to buy something that doesn’t exist? You make it yourself, of course!

Clara from Clara and Co did just that. When she couldn’t find a subscription box for bloggers, a lightbulb went off inside of her head. She realized she could create one for bloggers and other content creators.

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A Letter To Summer


Dearest Summer,

In a mere week, I shall experience your loveliness and freedom. In a mere week, my typical schedule shall be gone and a new one shall begin.


As hard as it is to leave the old memories of an old school year, I’m ready to make more.

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