A Year of Winged Dogs



Dear Reader,

On this day, 2017, an excited Rose ran downstairs. Today was to be the day that she started her blog. She and her friend had been excitedly discussing creating blogs as a summer project during lunch. Her friend had started hers as soon as school got out. About a week later, it was Rose’s turn.

She opened up her laptop and went to the WordPress home page. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for. Her mom by her side, she began to register. But, what was to be the name?

For weeks now, she had mentally gone over what seemed like hundreds of blog name choices. But she fittingly found the one in a book.


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The book was Blueberry Pancakes Forever by Angelica Banks, a recent library read. There it was, sitting on the page, “A purpose of winged dogs.” The name was the collective noun (what you call a group of things) for a group of winged dogs. It was creative and represented what she had wanted to blog about to a “t”. Rose had found her blog name.

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Blogiversary Week-Q&A



You guys read that right! It’s my one year blogiversary week! On June 24, 2017, this blog was started. Guys, it makes me so happy that this blog has survived for that long. To celebrate, I’m going to be doing celebratory posts (Including a giveaway 😉) from this Monday (June 18) to next Monday (June 25). June 24 (Sunday) is my blogiversary.

To start off the celebrations, I’m doing a Q&A!  I did this for 75 Winged Wonders in February, but now we have added quite a few more Wonders. The Q&A answers will be posted this Friday!

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75 Follower Q&A-Questions Needed

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75. Seventy five. 70+5. Wow. I think that most bloggers dream of the day where they will hit these sorts of numbers. I have been blogging for seven months. I have seventy five Winged Wonders. I honestly can not believe that.

Thank you guys so much for all of the comments, likes, and follows. For reading the posts that got my blog to this point. You guys are amazing!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am having a Q&A! I’ve always wanted to do one, and I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t do one sooner.

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