Various Thoughts From A Blogger After An Unintended Hiatus

Well, it’s been a while! Hello guys! I believe it’s been about half of a month since I’ve posted, which is kind of crazy. I did miss this blog a lot and I’m very glad to be back. This post is kind of an updates post about this blog and also about what happened during my absence.

So, let’s get started with the various thoughts!

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The Ultimate Blogging Struggle-Being Yourself (Chats With Rose #1)


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Bonjour! Welcome to the first in my series entitled “Chats With Rose”. After the repeated success of my “Chats With Wings”, I figured that you guys might like personal posts like that more often. And thus, ‘Chats With Rose’ was created. Chats With Rose doesn’t have a specific time that they will occur. However, I’m going to try to post one a month.

“Now that’s all very well,” you’re saying, “But what exactly are Chats With Rose.” Well, dear reader, Chats With Rose are simply posts where I’m talking with you about things that matter to me.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Chats With Wings-February 2018


Chats With Wings

Happy March! Spring and Pi day are both upon us! I had an okay February. School was really busy this month, so I didn’t have time for much else. I didn’t really blog, and I read significantly less. However, the Olympics took place and I got to see my friends more often.

I already have a lot of plans to make March better, though.

Let’s recap the month!

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Double Blog Tour-Julia Rose and Tunes Of My Heart

Hi Winged Wonders and visitors! Do all of the bloggers reading this remember that special feeling of starting your blog? Of choosing the theme and writing your first post? Of being able to start something amazing?
Two seasoned bloggers are having these feelings again. You guys might know Rebekah (Stuffie Adventures) or Light4theLord/Julia (DollsN’All ).But if you don’t, get ready to meet them. Both Rebekah and Julia have started personal blogs. This is my stop on their tour.
Today, I am going to interview both of them so you guys can learn all about their new blogs! We’ll start with Rebekah and her new blog Tunes Of My Heart.

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Chats With Wings-January 2018

Chats With Wings

The other day, my friend told me that she thought it was January 14. I kind of see her thinking. How is it February already? How did 1/12 of 2018 pass us by so quickly? It’s kind of amazing how time flys.

All in all, January was a pretty good month. I read a lot, wrote a little, and took a short break from blogging.

Now, let’s travel back to January!

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New Begginnings

It feels amazing to be back. I’ve missed you all so much and I have so many post ideas! Taking a small break from this blog is exactly what I needed. I became more inspired, and my view on blogging changed for the better. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to introduce the brand new A Purpose of Winged Dogs to you.

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Futures With Wings-2018

Happy New Year!

So, it’s a little bit after New Year’s Day. *Cue Taylor Swift song* 2017 was a really amazing year for me. I’ll go into more detail in a minute.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who comments, likes, or follows. You are amazing. You are my winged wonders.

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Chats With Wings-December 2017


Chats With Wings

December is almost over. The year is almost over. I don’t understand that at all. It’s pretty crazy that tonight, I will be staying up to shout “Happy 2018!” But, that’s later. Right now, I’m going to wrap up December, before I later today, wrap up the year.

Let’s recap!


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Countdown To The Last Jedi Celebration Information!

Guys, I have big news. You may know that I am a Star Wars fan. Well, I’m kind of obsessed. Since the new movie is coming out in almost week, I will be hosting a week long countdown!

Each day, a new post will arrive from a galaxy far, far away about Star Wars. Seven days of Star Wars posts! But, it’s not just me. I have a few special guest bloggers who will be talking about Star Wars as well!

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Chats With Wings-October 2017

Happy November guys. The holidays are so close! I hope you all had a great October. If you were wondering, I dressed up as an Ewok from Star Wars for Halloween.

Chats With Wings are my monthly wrap up posts where you can see what I’m reading, writing, listening too, and other things like that.

Image result for ewok
This is what I dressed up as!

Ewok via

In other news, NaNo has begun! I can’t wait to get going on it. This Chats With Wings will feature some goals, which is something people do in their monthly wrap up posts that I’d like to try out.

Now, let’s recap October!

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