Blogs With Wings-A Monthly Award

Welcome to Blogs With Wings! Blogs With Wings is a monthly award, announced in my monthly Chats With Wings. Each month, I will pick a blog that had great posts, or is just an all around great blog, and they will receive the award. If you have received the award, congratulations! There is an award for you to pick up. Feel free to display it on your awards page, if you have one.

If you win, I will display your header or blog button unless you tell me not to. FAQ down below.

Copy of Sign Off

Here is your award!

Past Winners:

October 2017

A Writer's Faith

A Writer’s Faith


November 2017

Crafts of all Seasons


December 2017

Madi Grace

Madi Grace


January 2018

February Fairy

February Fairy


February 2018

Design (1)


When Words Fly!



March 2018

Coastal Twins



April 2018

Purely Olivia! 


May 2018


Tunes of My Heart

The Everlasting Library! 



How do I become a Blog With Wings?

You post great posts and are a lovely member of the blogosphere. I will select the blog each month. Normally, it’s a blog that I follow, but not always. You can help too!

Can I help with the selection process?

Of course! On this page, you can tell me about blogs you think deserve the award. If I select that blog, I will mention you! Please know that just because you tell me about a blog does not mean that I will pick it.

What sort of blogs become Blogs With Wings?

All of them! I will try to have a variety of different types of blogs. I also try not to pick really popular blogs, so you could possibly discover a new one.

Why did you start Blogs With Wings?

I wanted to be able to give an award to amazing bloggers and also because I’ve been doing Posts With wings, so I figured I should do Blogs with Wings as well.

Any more questions? Comment them!





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