BIBPC #6 Team fox

For this BIBPC, I’m on Team Fox.


Category 1



Category 2-Candle, Candy Cane, Card, Carols, Celebrate, Chestnuts, Chill

This category was really interesting. For it, I decided to photograph different ornaments on my family’s Christmas tree to represent each word. I could not, however, find a chestnut. 

For ‘candle’ and ‘candy cane’, I chose those objects in ornament form. For ‘chill’, there’s a snowman because ‘chill’ has to with cold weather along with relaxing. I chose a guitar for ‘carols’ because you can play them on a one. ‘Card’ is the sleeping mouse. He has a little letter to Santa, which is kind of like a card. ‘Celebrate’ would be the whole picture because decorating for Christmas is part of how my family celebrates the holiday. So, there you have it!


Category 3-Tradition


This category was much easier! I knew exactly what I was going to do the moment I saw it. Our family recently made Christmas cookies, like we do every year. This is a picture of some of our decorated gingerbread cookies before they went into the oven. Sara made the beautiful angel using slivered almonds and mini chocolate chips. 


Category 4-Furry


I tried to get creative with this one. Instead of just taking a picture from the front of my guinea pig, I held up a mirror and took the picture from the back. So, you get a close up of the fur and can still see his face. 


Category 5-Disguise


This category was really fun! I was inspired by a scene in a TV show where two friends did this inside of a record shop. In cold cold weather, my little sister graciously agreed to be my model. She held a record cover over her face in the same position as the person on it, therefore disguising herself. The idea was really cool and I was glad I got to try it so soon after watching the show.