About The Blogger



Bonjour! My name is Rose and I’m so glad that you’re here to visit me and my winged dogs! I’m a redheaded teen blogger with a book obsession who wants to make a difference in the world.

Now, when I say “Book obsession”, I mean it. You’ll always find me around books; talking about books, dreaming about books, you get the idea. I currently own over 100 books, with an unrealistic list of books to add to that. I hope to have a library inside of my future home.

I also adore writing. Whether it’s novels, short stories, poems, blog posts, lists, or anything else with words, I love them. I’ve written two novels in my life and my number one goal is to get traditionally published.


I’ve always been a photographer. I love the idea of capturing the places I visit, or the ordinary moments I see, forever.

A really important thing about me is that I am Christian (To be more specific, Catholic) and I believe that Jesus died for us. What a great gift!


But this is not all that I am, for we humans are very complex. I’m a logophile (AKA, a lover of words), guinea pig and pig enthusiast (I no longer eat pork because of this!), nerd, baker, dreamer, volleyball player, violin player, Hufflepuff, merch lover, French learner, and actress.

I’m a HUGE fangirl, particularly of Star Wars (Give me all of the Ewoks!) (And the Porgs!), Marvel comics, Harry Potter, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and Taylor Swift.


But, I can’t end this little introduction without telling you that I have the cutest guinea pig ever-Nibbles!



Come dream with me!









6 thoughts on “About The Blogger

  1. Nice to meet you! I don’t eat pork either, I love Taylor swift and Harry Potter and Starwars! I’m a Slytherin, btw 😉 I’m a photographer and I want to get published, too!

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