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I founded this blog, A Purpose of Winged Dogs, one day over the Summer. My friend and I had decided to start blogs together as a Summer project.  You can check out hers here.

I had been wanting to start a blog for about six months, and I was super happy when I did. I knew what I wanted it to be about: books! But, I didn’t know how to title it. For a few days, I pondered this, until I came upon this in (What else?) a book:

a purpose of winged dogs

In the book that I was reading (Blueberry Pancakes Forever), they mentioned this collective noun. A collective noun is a noun that describes a group of things. Like a grumble of pugs or a prickle of hedgehogs. The collective noun was for winged dogs. It was perfect.

It represented dreaming and imagination, but most of all, a love of the English language. Thus, my blog was born. A blog about books, writing, and dreams.

Welcome To A Purpose of Winged Dogs, Where Anything Is Possible.



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