The Rip It or Ship It Tag-Part 2


I meant to post this tag on Valentine’s Day. Then, life happened. So, this post is arriving in your reader 3 days late. XD 😉 But, anyways, today I will be doing the Rip It or Ship It tag. I’ve done it once before, about a year and a half ago, and had a great time.

The Rip it or Ship It tag is all about ships! Sticking two characters from different books together and seeing if they’d make a good couple. If they do you ship it, if they don’t you…um…rip it. I wrote down the names of ten female characters and put them in one pile and wrote down the names of ten male ones and put them in another pile.


Each pair was made by randomly selecting one piece of paper from each pile. If I pulled two characters from the same book, I re-picked. I tried to spread the love between popular books and not so popular ones.

This tag always produces some interesting results, so let’s get started!

Oh, and I hope you enjoy a bit of snowy day bookish photography to go along with the post.

This post contains minor spoilers for multiple books.


1. Zélie (Children of Blood and Bone) and Beck (A Thousand Perfect Notes)

Right off the bat, we have an interesting match. Zélie is very loving, but she’s also rash and bit unpredictable. She’ll do what’s best for her people, but isn’t very trusting. Beck, on the other hand, needs someone who can comfort him and remind him that everything’s okay. Both of these characters have been through a lot. But, it made Zélie a but harsh and cold. Beck become a shy, quiet bean.

I rip it

2. Kiko (Starfish) and Davis (Turtles All the Way Down)

Kiko has anxiety and needed someone to love her.  In Starfish, Jamie gave her that. He was there for her. There was a similar situation in Turtles with Davis and Aza. Though I loved both of these books, I admit that the romance characters were similar.

So, I ship it. 


3. Maddy (Everything, Everything) and Reynie (Mysterious Benedict Society)

This one I can totally see happening. Both of these characters are smart and friendly, but they also have a taste of adventure. I feel like they could spend quite a bit of time talking about books. I think this one would be quite cute.

I ship it!


4. Jane (Jane Eyre) and Hideo (Warcross)

Quite the combination we have here. A nineteenth century lady and a futuristic tech genius. A combination that won’t work. Even if we strip away time periods, Jane and Hideo are both kind of self centered. They do things for their own benefit, though Jane does that a little less. Their motives are different, their values are different. Jane is far too independent for Hideo.

I rip it. 


5. Travis (This Would Make a Good Story Someday) and Biana (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

At first, I was a bit unsure about this one. A cowboy hat wearing southerner and beauty queen Biana?! Then, I looked deeper. Both of these people are friendly to a fault. They love talking, but also have a heart of gold.

I think this could go either way, but personally, I’m going to ship it!

6. Becca (Mother Daughter Book Club) and Rowan (Hide and Seek)

Becca’s pretty mean for most of the series. Rowan’s a good bean. He’s nice, friendly, and loyal. I think that in that way, they’re opposites. Becca’s friendly too, but her crowd is different.

I rip it. 


7. Luna (Harry Potter) and Mike (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

*Laughs imagining this one*

I tried not to repeat characters from last time, but my lil’ sis wanted to get some Luna representation. Once again, she ended up with the worst male character I selected. There is just no way this would work. Nope. Nada. Not happening.

To even get Mike away from the TV would be a constant struggle. Luna’s a bit too out there for Mike.  Their interests are completely different. Other than they both have magical book settings, they are polar opposites. Luna and Charlie, I could see though.

I 100% Rip this. 


8. Darien (Geekerella) and Joey (A Thousand Perfect Notes)

Let’s ignore the age difference for this one. Even though Darien is about 15 years older than Joey, I think he would be scared of her. He wouldn’t know what to make of her and her knives. Joey is cute, but in a little kid way (She’s Beck’s little sister). So, I don’t see this working out, even if they were the same age.

I rip it.

9. Ron (Harry Potter) and Elle (Geekerella)

Elle would be more likely to fangirl over Ron than to fall in love with him. They are both loyal to their friends and family. But, Ron is rash. He doesn’t always think before he acts, something Elle does. Ron’s also doesn’t seem to be a book or movie person. Elle would need someone to geek out with.

I rip it. 


10. Fitz (Keeper of the Lost Cities) and Lucy (The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl)

I don’t know about this one. Fitz has a way of making most girls like him. But, he’s a bit too classy for mathematician Lucy. Their interests are quite different and he’s a bit too outgoing for her. Dex and Lucy would work, though.

I rip it. 



There you have it! In case you were wondering, there are 3 ships to 7 rips. Not the best ratio.

I tag anyone who’d like to do this!

Thanks for reading!

Do you disagree with any of these? Would you like to see a library haul post?

Sign Off


7 thoughts on “The Rip It or Ship It Tag-Part 2

  1. This post is so interesting! The problem is that there are some characters that you don’t want to ship with anybody because you hate so much. When I understood who Mike was I like “how can you even find a ship for this guy, he is so stupid.”
    I have one question though: where are all the slash and femslash ships? And the nonbinary people?

    Liked by 1 person

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