The Beginning of Something Great

It started with a frantic message to a group of blogging friends.

It went something like, “Guys, I need your help with a school project.” The school project in question was a recording of an original script with different people acting out different characters. A few members of the group volunteered, the project was made and posted.

But was that the end?

No, it was just the beginning.

See, someone in the group thought, “What if we kept this going? What if we continued to write scripts and then turn them into audio dramas?”

Audiosmiths Channel Art

And, so, that group became The Audiosmiths. We’ve been prepping our first few dramas for about two months. And now, we’re ready to show them to you guys.

Who Are We?

We are bloggers. Writers. Teens. Actors. Designers. General creative people. And we work together to create audio dramas, which are basically TV shows without the pictures. Oh, and most of us have never met in person before.

But, who are we?

Our Crew

This is us.


Our Shows

We’ve already released one drama, called Izoria’s Choice. That was the school project in question.

And, we’re going to release another one just in time for Christmas! Some of you might be familiar with Madi’s WIP, Warfare. Well, this is a short story based off of that.

Guys, I’ve gotten to hear Christmas Chances already and it is seriously amazing. You won’t have to wait long to hear it. It releases in about 5 days!

Another upcoming one is called Hastrman. It’s another school project and it’s based off the short story by Jan Neruda.

You can find our YouTube Channel, The Audiosmoths’ Radio Theater Here

But, I’ll also be posting the videos on a page so those of you who can’t watch videos on Youtube can still watch them. We’ll be uploading at least one every month.

Well, there you have it. The big secret that you didn’t know I was keeping. XD

I’ll be keeping you guys updated on our latest audio dramas. Because, guys, I have a feeling that this is the start of something great.

Sign Off



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