Of Peppa Pig and French Class


About a week ago, I walked into French class. Per usual, there was something playing on the Promethean board. I looked at what it was and burst into laughter. There, was Peppa Pig and her friends, speaking French. I sat down and began to watch it. The rest of the students in our small class walked with their own giggles and “What the hecks?”

As I watched it, I realized something. I realized that I understood what was happening, but more importantly, what the characters were saying and what it meant. I was so excited. It may seem silly, to be excited at watching a show meant for kids years younger than I. But, it meant something.


It meant that I had achieved something, a small something, but a something nonetheless. When I first started French class last year, my only knowledge of the language was a few basic words and phrases like “the elephant eats an apple” learned on a language learning app.

But, one and a half years later, I could understand a TV show. Maybe in a year and a half, I’ll be able to read a middle grade book. Or a Disney movie. That moment was a small victory for me. It certainly shows how far I still have to go. But, it also shows how far along I’ve come.


 From time to time, it’s frustrating to have only learned the amount I have. I want to read books in French. Preferably, for people my age. But, a year and a half ago, I would have been totally lost reading Dr. Seuss. I’m trying to look at it with a glass half full perspective.

I think that’s something we all need to do more.

With so much pessimism in the world and the idea that nothing will ever be perfect, we all need to celebrate the little victories we experience. We need to celebrate each A on each school paper, even if it wasn’t 100%. We need to celebrate each baby that takes two more steps today than they did yesterday. They’re still a long way from running, but they’re closer than they were.


We need to celebrate each little step taken along the way, whether its understanding Peppa Pig in another language or writing another novel (No matter how terrible you think it is). Each little victory comes together to become something big. You just have to keep going with it.

So, maybe I won’t be seeing the next big film or reading Harry Potter in French. Not yet, anyway. But, one day.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch some more Peppa Pig.

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