Introducing….The Blogger Box!

What do you do when you want to buy something that doesn’t exist? You make it yourself, of course!

Clara from Clara and Co did just that. When she couldn’t find a subscription box for bloggers, a lightbulb went off inside of her head. She realized she could create one for bloggers and other content creators.

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a box filled with different objects relating to a theme. You can sometimes ‘subscribe’ to them and receive a box every time a new one is released.

But, The Blogger Box is different. It is not a subscription service. You buy each box individually.

This is a sneak peek of what the first box will include:

And here is a close up of the top of the box:


What a pretty logo!

I also asked Clara to answer a few questions about her business and this first box.

Q&A With Clara

How often will you release boxes?

I plan to release four boxes per year – a spring box, a summer box, an autumn box, and a winter box. 🙂

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking about starting subscription boxes?

Hmm… I’m just starting out myself, so I don’t know how qualified I am to be giving advice. XD However, something I will say is that it’s super important to create a brand for yourself! Pick colors, logos, and taglines and stick with them to create a recognizable “image” for your box and brand.

What’s your favorite item in this box?

I can’t say too much about what’s inside, but my favorite item is probably a special custom product created by a fantastic Etsy shop called Purely Proper Planning. 😉

What are your goals for the Blogger Box Co?

My immediate goal is to inspire as many bloggers as I can to create unique content for their blogs – and have fun while doing it! My long term goals include growing this business into something big, having reps to send each new box to, and hopefully partnering with several brands. 😀

What was your most memorable experience while creating this box?

Hmm.. seeing the look on the UPS man’s face when he unloaded a massive pile of boxes filled with Blogger Box stuff was pretty entertaining. XD


I hope you guys are as excited about The Blogger Box as I am! The box will release on November 12. It will cost $30 and have free shipping. It currently only ships inside of the United States.

Another cool thing about the Blogger Box is that each one features a different blogger. This first one features Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life.


Enter the Giveaway!


Clara is also hosting a giveaway! One lucky person will win a free Blogger Box. You can enter until November 12!

Enter Here!


Follow the Blogger Box Co.


Clara’s Blog

Website-To come

Check Out the Rest of the Tour!

Julia’s Creative Corner – November 3rd

The Lens and the Hard Drive – November 4th

Wild Writing Dreams – November 5th

American Girl World – November 6th

Cleverly Chic – November 7th

Christina & Camera – November 8th

A Purpose of Winged Dogs – November 9th

Home With the Hummingbirds – November 10th


Thank you so much to Clara for allowing me to be a part of her tour!

Are you excited for the Blogger Box?

Sign Off


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