After Taking A Step Back…

It was the end of July, a few days before my family was to leave for vacation. I was pondering what to post. My mind was drawing a blank. I felt this pressure to post certain things and make my blog a certain way.

I stepped away from my computer, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote out my honest thoughts about blogging. I realized I didn’t love blogging. I had loved it when I started, but my love had fizzled out.

At first, I was shocked. I knew I didn’t love it, but I didn’t want to stop.

My mom suggested that I take a step back and enjoy our vacation. And so I did. I had a fantastic time hanging out with my family. I continued my hiatus for the rest of August and most of September. But, something was changing.

I had discovered some brand new blogs that were inspiring me to want to blog again. But, I still wasn’t sure if I should. I thought back to my past posts and the pressure I felt to post them. About how they weren’t my best.

I began to have post ideas, but they were different than the book-only blog I had created. I thought all the way back to the very beginning when I posted about books and writing and everything else under the sun. Because on my blog, anything was possible. During that time, I had loved blogging.

And so, I made my decision.



I have decided to go back to posting about books and writing and anything else under the sun. I guess that would technically make this a “lifestyle blog”, but I don’t want that label. How about “Winged Dog Blog?” 😉


What Does This Mean?

Basically, I will continue to post about books and book reviews, but there will also be other things sprinkled in like crafts, photography, and really anything else. Blogs are a great way to share your words. Since I don’t limit myself to one or two things, this blog won’t be limited either.

On another note, I’m changing my header back to the old one where the tagline was “Where anything is possible”.


I think that’s all for now. Thanks for almost 150 followers!


Sign Off



20 thoughts on “After Taking A Step Back…

  1. I’m so happy for you that you found what you really love to post on your blog! I know how hard it is when you feel pressured about doing a certain post, but you just really need to follow your heart and remember that this should make you happy too 🙂 can’t wait for future posts! I know they’ll be AMAZING!
    -Katie 🙂

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  2. Hiatus’s are amazing aren’t they?
    I took a hiatus(from all things blogging, seriously I have like 90+ posts to go through😂) for a while and now I’m back feeling refreshed(much like you seem). I can’t say I missed you(only because I didn’t realize you had taken a break of course!) but I am so glad that you will be posting again!

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  3. ‘A Winged Dog Blog’- that sounds perfect! Don’t worry about labels at all! It’s your blog and you can post whatever! I’m glad you still like blogging and I hope you fall in love with it again! Can’t wait for more posts!! xxx 🎉💕

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