Thoughts On Niches (Chats With Rose #2)

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I always thought that I didn’t need a niche.

I was truly a niche naysayer, posting about anything and everything. But then, I realized that you guys really enjoyed when I posted about reading and writing. And I loved posting about those things too.


Those two things were why I had created my blog in the first place. So, I wondered for a while why I got away from those topics. Maybe it was because I read blogs that focused on other things, like lifestyle. Maybe it was because there were other things that I was more into. But, either way, I had stopped posting about those things.

In January, I decided to go full swing back into book blogging. That didn’t exactly happen though. My blog was as nicheless as ever. And I knew it was time to really think about it.


But first, for those of you that don’t know what niche is, it’s basically the categories of your blog or what type of blog you have. Examples begin music, books, and lifestyle.

The end of June and thus far in July was kind of my “niche experimentation” period. I tried out a few different posts relating to books and writing. I got mixed results. Some posts were really well received and others not so much.


My experiments reminded me of what I already knew: if you try to copy what the other blogs, the popular blogs are doing, you won’t be as successful as you are creating your own content and being original.

Just because you are part of a niche doesn’t mean you need to be a copycat. My goal is to make this statement true. I will be posting a lot about reading and writing but in my own way.

By doing this, I hope to grow my blog a bit. When you have a niche, your blog attracts people who like those things. The more people that can relate, the bigger your blog will be. I saw this happen a few times with blogs that really took off after finding their niche.


I know that people sometimes worry about posting things unrelated to their niche. But, if you love it, the people who read your blog probably will too. In reality, blogs are just ways to get to know the blogger.

I kind of think about it like this: every person is different and likes different things. These things are their interests. Even though lots of people can have the same interest, they are still different people. Think of each person in this situation as a blog and their interests as niches.

So to kind of conclude this, it’s okay to have a niche. It’s beneficial to have a niche. But, you can do it in your own way and make your blog unique.

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Do you think blogs need a niche? What’s your niche?


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Niches (Chats With Rose #2)

  1. This is a great discussion! I think it’s nice to have a semi-focused niche, but I also think it’s totally fine to post about something that isn’t centered around your niche every once in a while. đŸ˜‰ But every blog is different, and that doesn’t make it better or worse than another!

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