A Letter To Summer


Dearest Summer,

In a mere week, I shall experience your loveliness and freedom. In a mere week, my typical schedule shall be gone and a new one shall begin.


As hard as it is to leave the old memories of an old school year, I’m ready to make more.

Summer, how I love all of the beautiful things that you bring. Beaches and family and books and friends. New places, new faces, and millions of photos and smiles.


As I wander about, I have new experiences and new friendships are made. When I think of Summer, the joyful thoughts and feelings are automatic.

“See the line where the sky meets the        sea? It calls me!”                                                                 -How Far I’ll Go From Moana

Summer is synonymous to many with vacation and sunlight, but to me Summer is happiness.


Last Summer, I started this blog, I wrote my first novel, and I traveled to places that will forever be in my heart. This Summer will be even more amazing.


Summer, we take you for granted. We take the days of freedom in which we do the things we love for months on end as a given.


But it is truly special to do this. And Summer is truly special to everyone in its own way.


It seems that in books and movies, it should be a girl’s goal to spend their time on a tropical island where they are treated like queens.


Then, of course, to meet a cute boy and fall in love. Sure, this may be the dream of some, but Summer is all about you.


In these weeks, we can achieve our own goals. We can go to places other than Disney World and feel the magic (Though Disney is pretty cool). We can do the things we want when we want.


So, Summer, thank you. I am really looking forward to experiencing you once more.

I don’t know what this Summer will bring, but I know that it will be amazing!

I dedicate this post to the people who will be having staycations because they can make the every day into awesome!

Do you have any Summer plans? When you hear “Summer”, what do you think of?

Sign Off

This post is for the HARPS contest. On June 10, there will be a post in which I tally up the points from the finale round!


7 thoughts on “A Letter To Summer

  1. Oh my goodness! The hotel you went to looks exactly like the one I went to last summer and the summer before that… Cool post! I loved the pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

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