Why I Don’t Have Favorite Authors

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The following announcement may come as quite the shock. Are you ready for it?*

I do not have any favorite authors.


*Cue gasp* “But Rose, you’re a bookworm and a book blogger and you’re telling me that you don’t have any favorite authors?”

Yes, dear Winged Wonder, that is exactly what I’m telling you. I know, I know, it’s very strange. I’ve seen many a blogger rave about “this author this” and “that author that”. But the truth is that I can’t relate.

I have read many a good book. After reading, two different things usually happen. Either I discover that is the author’s sole book or I read more of their books and are disappointed. To me, to have favorite authors, you must love all of their books.


When It Is Their Sole Book

When I love a book, but it is the author’s only book, I get rather sad. The author could write so many more amazing books, but there is only one. Personally, I can’t base my love off of only one book. It isn’t an automatic thing for me. It is a favorite book, but not a favorite author.


When They Have Other Books, But Not As Good Ones

This one happens more often than the first. The first book that I read sets my expectations high. When I read more of an author’s books, I am often disappointed. The books just don’t bring me the same level of joy as the previous one did. Maybe the characters are weak, maybe the plot is jumpy, maybe it just doesn’t all come together. Whatever it is, many authors are one hit wonders in my book.


Let me give some examples. I loved Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. It was, well, everything. Thus, it became a favorite book. Happily, I decided to wander around my school’s library. I found The Sun Is Also a Star. I was unable to finish it. I made it through three chapters, but I just couldn’t read on. I wasn’t hooked. It was kind of confusing. Thus, Mrs. Yoon gave me one of my favorite books, but I could not call her a favorite author.


Another example is John Green. I have read his three most popular books; The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and Turtles All the Way Down. I loved The Fault in Our Stars and Turtles All the Way Down, but Paper Towns was disappointing.  

Once again, I couldn’t call him a favorite author. As great as his other two were,  Paper Towns was so unenjoyable that I had to revoke his title.



“That’s all well and good Rose, but what about Shannon Messenger? What about Suzanne Collins? What about JK Rowling?” you might be asking.

These authors have written remarkable series. Each one of them deserves a lot of praise for them. However, these series are sometimes the only thing that they’ve written and are known for. So, these turn into favorite series and not authors. Again, because all I can judge them by is a single series. Like creating a favorite book, this doesn’t constitute favoriteauthordom. (Don’t you just love that word?)



Overall, favorite authors just do not exist in my world. There are great works of literature and phenomenal series, but I do not call the authors of them “favorites.” This preference to books (In my opinion) also helps to keep me more open to many different books instead of only focusing on a single author.

Do you have favorite authors?

Sign Off

*This is a reference to Taylor Swift’s …Ready For It?

This post is for the HARPS Finale. On June 9, there will be a post in which the points are tallied.

13 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have Favorite Authors

  1. I can relate. I did have a favourite author, and I couldn’t believe that I loved all of her books that I read, but she has a lot of books and more recently I read a few of her books that disappointed me. I don’t know if she’s my favourite author anymore. 😄

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    1. They are both amazing authors! KOTLC is a seriously awesome series. I’ve only read two of the Percy Jackson books, though. I’m hoping to read more over the summer.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel you girl! But……… I truly love Roald Dahl because I love all his books so I’m safe to say that XD Also, I am so sorry but I can’t count “wandering” as part of the LC because I only accept the original words, not variations of it. Sorry!!! Guess I should have made it clearer.

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