DIY Snoopy Notebook

What do you do with a plain orange notebook? This is the question that I asked myself a few weeks ago when I first got it. I knew immediately that I wanted to decorate it, but how?

After a few hours, the idea came to me. I could cut out a comic strip and glue it to the front. And that’s exactly what I did. Taking a few weeks worth of the Peanuts comic strip, I decorated my notebook. I thought that it would be fun to share with my Winged Wonders too.

This craft is really simple but really cute. Let’s get started!


You Will Need

  • At least three strips of Peanuts or any other comic
  • A notebook
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick





Start by cutting out your comic strips. Cut out each individual square so that eventually, you’ll have a pretty large pile.


Next, cover your notebook the best that you can, mixing up the different strips.


You’re only trying to get the first layer on. You can glue the comic squares immediately or arrange them then glue.


Finally, you’re going to cover up the spaces that you couldn’t get before. You’re also going to glue them on top of each other for a cool layered effect. The more, the better with this.

Now, you have a fun notebook to use! I’m using mine as a bullet journal.

This craft also makes a good gift for someone’s birthday or another holiday. Just be sure to use their favorite strip! 🙂

You could also make a second variation of this with the pages of an old book (I previously did some book crafts here). You simply follow the same steps but use a book instead.


If you make these, send me pictures at I’d love to see them!


Do you like Snoopy? do you decorate your notebooks?


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