Chats With Wings-February 2018


Chats With Wings

Happy March! Spring and Pi day are both upon us! I had an okay February. School was really busy this month, so I didn’t have time for much else. I didn’t really blog, and I read significantly less. However, the Olympics took place and I got to see my friends more often.

I already have a lot of plans to make March better, though.

Let’s recap the month!

Books With Wings

I read fourteen books this month, which is okay, but way less than my goal of eighteen.


Image result for murder on the orient express book

Cover via

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie was amazing. Like, wow. I have always loved mysteries and this one did not all disappoint. The plot twist was huge, and I loved it so much. You guys really need to read this! Now, to watch the movie…


Least Favorite:


Cover via

Shockingly, I was extremely disappointed in Finding the Edge. Usually, I can’t get enough of autobiographies, but this one I did not like at all. I found it to be very preachy, like a lesson in how to live your life as opposed to a story. The pictures were really pretty though.


Other Notable Read:


Cover via

Just one this month. I loved Halfway Normal. I saw this in Barnes and Noble one day and then got it at the library. My trek was worth it though, for this sweet story about a girl with cancer who defies all stereotypes. And guys, do you see the amazing cover?


Writing With Wings

Practically non-existent. I was really trying to develop an idea and write it, and I finally figured one out. I’ll share more about it in an upcoming writing post. 😉


Posts With Wings

This Epic Writing Post

This Post, Which Is Basically The Bookworm Life

This Fun Bookshelf Tour

This Cute Idea

This Amazing New Blog

And This One


Dogs With Wings


I definitely did not post at all as much as I wanted to. I only posted five times. The posts were:

My most popular post was Chats With Wings, but my favorite was my Double Blog Tour post.


The Monthly Blog With Wings

The monthly Blog With Wings is a monthly award, here at A Purpose of Winged Dogs. Each month, this award is given to a fantastic blog. For information, click here.

February’s Blog With Wings Is….












Design (1)


When Words Fly!

The blogger is Abby and she is amazing. Her posts are always extremely funny and helpful. She posts a lot about writing and has some great writing tips. You guys should definitely check out her blog!

Some of my favorite posts of hers are:

This One

This (Really Funny) One

And This One

Abby, here is your award. feel free to display it on your blog somewhere!

Copy of Sign Off



Goals With Wings

A smiley face indicates completion and a frowny face indicates incompletion. Last month’s goals, I’m so sorry.


Last Month’s Goals

  • Read eighteen books 😦 (As previously mentioned, I only read fourteen)
  • Watch one movie 😦
  • Review two books 😦
  • Start a new blog series 😦
  • Do more art 😦

How sad. How very, very sad. Guys, book reviews start on Wednesday, so be prepared for that. And there will definitely be that new blog series coming.


This Month’s Goals

  • Read twenty books
  • Watch two movies (I may or may not have already watched one…)
  • Review at least three books
  • Do more original posts
  • Do another DIY


Well, that concludes February’s Chats With Wings. I have a really, really, really good feeling about March and I can’t wait to start posting!


Sign Off






12 thoughts on “Chats With Wings-February 2018

  1. omg I was shocked when I got so many notifications this morning xD thank you for awarding me! You’re so sweet ❤

    Don't feel bad about not reaching your goals, Rose, it's totally okay. You've always got March 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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