Dear Dr. Seuss…

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Dear Dr. Seuss,

Thank you so much for showing me all of the places I’ll go! Ever since I was young, I read Dr. Seuss books and looked at the illustrations and smiled. I basically memorized your Alphabet book and constantly read Hop on Pop.

Some of my first steps to becoming a bookworm were taken through your books, and I am so grateful. Because of your books, there were Wockets in my pockets. There were cats in hats, foxes in socks, and Whos to be heard. Your books made my life a little more interesting.

Now, I may be older, but I still love your books. I continue to read them and laugh and smile. I adore The Lorax and Sneetches. I would recommend your books to anybody.

As a writer, your books are gold. You have proven that it takes a little inspiration and a lot of fun to make books. I think I partly credit my author dreams to you, for making me want to write books people will love as much as I loved yours.

Everyone needs a little Seuss in their life. Thank you again for reminding me to stand out, to be myself, and that I will succeed (And that that’s 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed!)

Oh, and Happy birthday!

Your reader,





2 thoughts on “Dear Dr. Seuss…

  1. That’s so awesome Rose! I loved Dr. Seuss growing up, and I still have the books. My favorite is How the Grinch Stole Christmas, it continues to be one of my most favorite Christmas stories 🙂
    -Katie 🙂

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