Something Big Is Happening….

Good day, Winged Wonders! It is with a smile towards the future that I make this announcement. As you may know, I have been blogging for six months. I can’t believe it. When I started on this blogging journey, my goal was to share my love of books with the world. And that happened…. at first.

Then came the days where I was caught up in the stats, posting only with the goal of gaining more followers. I have grown to not love this blog as much as I want to.

Which is why I’ve made a huge decision.







I am starting anew. But not in the normal sense.



I will not be starting a new blog. Instead, I am changing this blog for the better.

I will revert some of my old posts to drafts. I will fix my design, make it truly how I want it to be. I will buy my own domain. I will create the content that I set out to create.

I deeply appreciate you all so very much. Thank you for continuing to be a Winged Wonder.

I am keeping this post up for a week. For another week after that, this blog will be private so I can make necessary changes.


On January 27, 2018, you all will see the new A Purpose of  Winged Dogs for the first time. I am having a huge launch party for it. I’d like you to be a part of it. You will find out more on the 27th.

I feel like I also need to make it clear that I will not be posting on this blog during that two-week time frame.


I will see you all soon! Goodbye for now!



Sign Off

P.S. Check out this post here







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