Futures With Wings-2018

Happy New Year!

So, it’s a little bit after New Year’s Day. *Cue Taylor Swift song* 2017 was a really amazing year for me. I’ll go into more detail in a minute.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who comments, likes, or follows. You are amazing. You are my winged wonders.

If it wasn’t for you, this blog would be different. In about October, I realized that this wasn’t my best work. Posts were rushed and were meant to gain followers. I wasn’t having fun.

So, I began to think up solutions. I considered completely changing this blog. It would be a fresh start. But, it wasn’t a blog issue. It was the blogger.

I completely changed the way that I thought about blogging. It became fun again. That is where I stand now.

2017 Highlights

2017 was pretty awesome. For starters, I founded this blog and a few months later, my doll blog. I am so grateful to be successful in blogging.

I also wrote my first two novels ever. What?! I can’t believe that at all. I’ve always wanted to write novels and it’s been amazing to be able to do this.

I also made a ton of new friends, both on the blogging world and at school. You all are awesome.

I began Keepers of the Lost Cities this year. I listened to Reputation. I saw Star Wars.

I began a serious journey to find God.

2017 was a year of losses and gains. I lost family and gained family. Same with friends. Bad things happened, but we still found the good.

Goodbye 2017. Now, a new year lies ahead.

Goals For 2018


  • Read 200 books
  • Read 10 non fiction books
  • Read 10 classics
  • Read two new series and finish others
  • Reread Harry Potter


  • Write three books
  • Edit two books
  • Write three story ideas each day


  • Reach 150 followers
  • Have one contest or giveaway of some sort
  • Publish one book review a month


  • Read the Bible
  • Do good in this world
  • Write in a journal every day
  • Practice volleyball a  few times a week


Happy 2018!

Sign Off


9 thoughts on “Futures With Wings-2018

  1. My goodness, those are INSANE goals. I can’t imagine reading 200 books if I didn’t have my passion of writing… but reading 200 books along with writing three books and editing two?!?! *faints* Wowza. You’re the best kind of insane. xD I wish you lots of energy in this new year. 😛

    katie grace
    a writer’s faith

    Liked by 1 person

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