Countdown To The Last Jedi- Fun Star Wars Themed Merch That Book Worms Will Love

Let me start off by saying Happy Hanukkah! Have a great night, all of my Jewish readers. Today, I will be sharing with you fun Star Wars themed gifts that book worms will love. I love these items too! Let’s get started!

1. BB-8 Reads Shirt From Tee Turtle

BB-8 Reads T-Shirt Star Wars TeeTurtle

Image via

Is this design not beautiful?! It’s a droid reading a book! This shirt is awesome. Find it here.

Tee Turtle has some other really adorable Star Wars shirts, that I plan on buying as well. You can check them out here!


2. Rebel Rising (Book)

Rebel Rising (Star Wars Rogue One)

Cover via

This book is the story of Jyn Erso (Rogue One). It happens right before the movie. The last scene in the book is the movie’s first. The cover is gorgeous and I recently read the book and found it had lots of great detail about the Star Wars universe. Huge Star Wars fans (And people who love books) will really enjoy this gift. Find it here.


3. R2D2 Journal From Think Geek

Star Wars R2-D2 Journal - Exclusive Premium Journal

Image via

It’s a notebook! Who doesn’t need another notebook with an amazing cover? This notebook is very cool looking and as a bookworm and writer, I always need another one. Who’s with me? This journal also has detail on the back, and has a little book mark inside of it. Find it here.



I’m thinking about reviewing Rebel Rising for you guys.


May the Force Be With You!


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