Countdown To The Last Jedi Celebration Information!

Guys, I have big news. You may know that I am a Star Wars fan. Well, I’m kind of obsessed. Since the new movie is coming out in almost week, I will be hosting a week long countdown!

Each day, a new post will arrive from a galaxy far, far away about Star Wars. Seven days of Star Wars posts! But, it’s not just me. I have a few special guest bloggers who will be talking about Star Wars as well!

I’m really excited! Before we get on with the schedule and guest bloggers *Cough Charis* Oops….. 🙂 I’ll be showing the featured image.

Dun dun duh duh da duh da duh duh dad duh da duh duh duh da!



Here it is! The Last Jedi  was downloaded from here

Now it’s time for the guest blogger schedule. There will be a grand total of three guest bloggers!


They are………..




Charis, Samantha,and Alverdine! 

I will also be posting on my doll blog!

Here is the schedule:

December 8 (The beginning {AKA, A New Hope/The Phantom Menace depending on how you see it}) : Me-My Favorite Things About Star Wars

December 9: Charis-Discussing the Rey-lo Ship

December 10: Me-Star Wars Gift Ideas For Book Worms

December 12: Samantha *Day possibly subject to change*

December 13: Alverdine-Talking About Star Wars Royals

December 14: My Doll Blog-Movie Release Expectations vs. Reality

December 15 (Release day!!!!!) : Me-How To Celebrate The Release of The Last Jedi

I hope you all are just as excited as I am!


Let The Wookie Win, The Force Awaken and Stay Tuned To Discover Who The Last Jedi Is! See you tomorrow!


How many Star Wars references did you count?


Sign Off





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