Of Falling Leaves and Fantasies-A Photo Shoot

*Sings “Walking in a winter wonderland!” * Wait! It’s still fall! *Gasp!* Winter doesn’t start for another month. That means it’s still okay to see pictures of falling leaves, right? Okay, good. I did a photo shoot of things that reminded me of fall. It started with me trying to take an aesthetic fall picture. Then, it spiraled from there.

Holiday posts start tomorrow with Chats With Wings!

Let’s get into the photo shoot…..


This was the original idea. Books+Jeans+Boots+Pumpkin=Total Fall Aesthetic.


Any guesses to the book I was reading?




One of my favorites! You can see all of the beautiful books!


Strange view, but cool looking!



In which my awesome boots make an appearance.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰


Another favorite. All of the color. And yes, my boots are filled with leaves. Yes, they were annoying to wear for a few days after.




A book rainbow and pumpkin, to conclude!


Books Used

  1. Red-Return to the Isle of the Lost
  2. Orange-The Year of the Dog
  3. Yellow-Spilling Ink
  4. Green-Greetings From Nowhere
  5. Blue-Wonder
  6. Purple-The Lost Track of Time

See you all tomorrow!

Are you ready for Winter?


Sign Off


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