In Which I Interview My Little Sister

Guys, I have a great little sister. She is funny, sweet, and playful. So, I thought it would be a great idea to ask her some questions and see how much she knows about me and my blog. At the end, we have an interview with her!

I’ve seen a few bloggers do this and I thought it would make a great post for this Monday. So, basically I asked her 10 questions about me and my blog and wrote down her answers. My responses were not all said at the time, but they are basically my thoughts on her answers! We shall see how many questions out of 10 she can get right!

What I said will be in black, and what she said is in this pretty color! (I let her pick)

So, let’s find out what she said! *Fails at doing a wicked laugh*

1. Name Both Of My Blogs:

A Purpose of Winged Dogs and…. an American Girl doll blog.

Half Point! (She couldn’t remember the name of my really new one, so that’s okay)

2. Who/What Inspired Me To Start A Blog?

Friends, people who had a blog, Alverdine. 


3. When did I start a blog?

Spring? No. Summer? Yes.

Half point!

4. What Do I Post About On A Purpose of Winged Dogs?

Books, book reports. Book reviews. Same thing. Uhh….no.

Half Point!

5. Can You Name Any of My Posts?

Kindness is a Butterfly. Anything else? No, I can’t really remember.


6. What is My Favorite Book?

*Stares* I need to go in your room and find it! *Runs back in* Keepers of the Lost Cities and Tenney Grant! Those weren’t the ones I was looking for, but yes those are some of my favorites.

Image result for tenney grant book

Cover via

Correct! (Technically)

7. What Is My Favorite Song?

*Raises eyebrows* Is that on your blog? What are you writing all of the extra things for? When it rains, rains, rains.No.

No Point.

*It’s an inside joke based on a song we heard on the radio that was pretty much the worst song ever.

8. What Days Do I Post?

Once a week. Sorry, no. Everyday. Uh…no.

No Point.

9. How Many Followers Do I Have?

109. Thanks,but I wish. I have 37. That’s it? Thanks for making my day!

*Puts test tube on finger* Look how long my finger is! *Giggles*

No Point (Unfortunately)

10. What Is My Profile Picture?

Of Nibbles! Good work! Can you specify a little more? There’s more than just Nibbles? Uh.. Nibbles with books. Yup.



She Got 4 Correct, 3 Half Correct, and 3 Incorrect! Great job!

Image result for minions clapping gif

GIF via

This Next Part Is A Few Questions I Asked Her About Her. (AKA, the Interview Portion)


What Is Your Favorite Book?

I don’t have one. Wait! Puppy Place Rascal. I like Rascal, it’s a funny book.

Image result for puppy place rascal

Cover via

What Is Your Favorite Song?

I think you know the answer. When it rains, rains, rains!

Would You Start A Blog?

Umm…I don’t know.

What Would It Be About?

Umm…I don’t know. 

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

Raking up leaves and jumping in them.

What Is Your Favorite American Girl Doll That You Don’t Own?

I don’t have one. Can you list some? Kaya, I think and Lea. It has to be dolls you don’t own (She has Lea). I like a Truly Me that looks like Camille (She’s a Wellie Wisher). I’d call her Camille.

American Girl Camille Doll
Wellie Wisher

Image via

Wellie Wisher Look Alike


Image via

What Is Your Favorite Animal?

All baby animals. Sort of. Just write ‘some baby animals.’

Some baby animals!

That Concludes the Interview!

Weren’t some of those answers just so funny? This was a really fun post to do. I think I’ll do it again sometime!

What was your favorite answer?

Sign Off







9 thoughts on “In Which I Interview My Little Sister

  1. Omg, this was hilarious!!! (Do I always start my comments with ‘omg’? I feel like I do. Oh well lol) I loved your sister’s answers–they were just hilarious! And that “sticking finger into test tube” thing? That was honestly totally me! Great post!!! (Sorry for how long this is 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

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