Huge Announcement-My New Blog!

Guys, I am super excited to announce this! Seriously, you have no idea. Okay, here is the announcement (Since it wasn’t obvious in the title lol)











                       I Started Another Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s right! I have two blogs now! My new blog is all about my American Girl Dolls. Together, my little sister and I have 5 American Girl dolls, and I have been wanting to post about them for some time on here.

But then, I thought Why not just make an entire blog for them? So, I did. I created A Doll-op of AG. I will be posting twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I will post photo shoots, photo stories, DIYs, reviews, and so much more. This is sort of the blog of my dreams, the one I’ve wanted to start for a while.

But, do not worry! I will still be posting as usual on this blog. I still love it! So please, check out my new blog. Be sure to comment, like and follow!

You can check it out here

This is the header!

Thanks guys!



Sign Off






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