Itty Bitty Invasion


Whisper Whisper Whisper

Thing 2: Alright, we’re in!

Black Widow: No thanks to you!

Thing 2: Okay, so how do we do this?


Lovey Dovey: I think we just hop around on the buttons to make the words appear!


Black Widow: No no, you two! Can’t you see that Supergirl is typing this up?

Supergirl: Are you sure typing up what everyone says is a good idea?

Black Widow: It’s the only idea we could agree on! cksdklswkkw


Stop! Do you know how many words we are wasting?! We only have a limited amount of time! Rose isn’t going to be at Drama Club forever you know! *Grumbles, “I never should have let those two on a spy mission, never!”*

Batgirl: Oh, c’mon, let’s get on with it! Hi World! We are Rose’s (and some of her little sister’s) Itty Bittys! We’d like to welcome you to an Itty Bitty Invasion! After one of our operatives was able to get a glance at Rose’s post history, we were shocked to discover that she’s never posted about us!


And that’s what we’re here for. We are here to post about our recent crazy antics. For a little while at least, this is an Itty Bitty Invasion.


Supergirl: A few days ago, we invaded a local park. Sven took the pictures. Well, until SOME TWINS took the camera! *Snickers in background* Overall, we feel that we had a successful invasion. So, let’s get on with it!


Batgirl: We started our invasion off with the tire swings. Well, to be more accurate, we chased Thing 2 and Lovey-Dovey to the tire swings.

Then, Sven insisted that we take a few posed pictures. So here we are invading the rock wall.


Then, we attempted a slide race between the two Things to get them to calm down, but OBVIOUSLY IT DIDN’T WORK! *More snickers*


Sven decided he wanted a nice picture, which we got on a tree stump, before some Things TOOK THE CAMERA! They insisted we put in their “photos” too.

Nice Photo


Their “Photos”




So we chased them, and Sven tackled them. The camera was fine, in case you were wondering. By that time, we ate a snack (and re-enacted famous art)


Image result for guys eating lunch on a beam

Image via

But of course, serenity and peace don’t last long around here.


Us 3 girls got on the swings and took a nice picture while the twins did…something. *Loud giggles in background*


Finally, it was time to go. We took our end-of-invasion-selfie. Here it is!


Black Widow: That’s the best picture we got?! That?!

Batgirl: Well, there are a few others…..


Black Widow: *Shakes head*

Rose:  *Distantly* Why is my light on?

Black Widow: Wait? Did you hear Rose? Hide!!!!!!! Yes, you too twins!

Batgirl: Quick publish the post!

Black Widow: Bye and make mischief!

Till next time, the Itty Bittys

Hide you guys! Ughh!







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