RedheadStruggles-A Collab With Samantha From Redheadwithabook

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Guys, it’s time for my first collab! I’ll be doing a collab on the struggles of being a redhead with Samantha.   If you did not know this already, yes I am a redhead. It’s one of my cool random facts. But anyway, Samantha will be posting a day in the life of a redhead, (which you can check out here) and I will be shining a light on some of our greatest struggles.

Through these posts, we hope to educate you all on our lives. So, I present to you our 5 greatest redhead struggles!

Struggle #1: The Questions

This one I think is the most annoying for all of us redheads. Whenever I am out in public, people constantly ask me, “Where did your hair come from?” or “Did you dye it?” No, I did not dye it! It’s natural. And why does it matter where my hair came from? I mean, I don’t ask people with blonde hair if they dyed it! So, please consider our feelings before you pose a question such as those.


Struggle #2: The Nicknames/Stereotypes

There are tons of redhead stereotypes. Things like, redheads are bad luck, They have fiery tempers to match their hair, they all have freckles, and they all can not be out in the sun.

Guys, let’s remember that these are just stereotypes, they are mostly not true and can not apply to everyone. I would like to take the liberty to say that I personally can *gasp* go out in the sun and not come back looking like a tomato. That’s right. I tan. Therefore, that stereotype that all redheads burn is just a stereotype/myth.

Next up, there are the nicknames. Things like carrot top, carrots, ginger, and red. I personally don’t have a nickname like this, but I understand it is a struggle for many a redhead. This kind of fits in with stereotypes because mostly if you nickname a redhead, it has something to do with her hair.

Another instance was a paper plate award that I received. A paper plate award is a plate where the person awarding writes down a special award just for them. My award was for being “red-hot”. Yep, a pun about my hair as it relates to my volleyball skills. that was a new one for me lol.

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Struggle #3: Standing Out In a Crowd

Actually, I don’t think we redheads realise that we are doing it. We naturally stand out in a crowd and get stares. I personally didn’t have this epiphany till a few months ago, where I determined that in many social places (A restaurant, for example), if you took a bird’s-eye view and only saw the top of people’s’ heads, you would see maybe 2 redheads out of the entire restaurant!

I personally always notice the people who have dyed their hair rainbow, so it came as sort of a shock that people look at me like that.

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Struggle #4: Lack of Accurate Representation

When you turn on the TV, to let’s say watch a sitcom, you will see people of all hair colors. You will see blondes, brunettes, and people with black hair. But, you will very rarely actually see a redhead. I can’t name many shows that I see a redhead in, much less star as the main character. I get that there is a limited number to choose from, but I would appreciate seeing a redhead on my TV.

Another example is something I’ve noticed by looking through American Girl catalogs with my little sister. There are 4 or 5 redhead dolls. None of them have freckles. One of them has brown eyes (like me) and her hair is actually more strawberry blonde. (I should know, I own her). So, my only option to truly get a “Just Like Me” doll would be to spend $200 on a custom, which I am definitely not going to do. Now, mind you, I am not saying that these dolls are not pretty, I’m just saying there is not enough of them.

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American Girl Willa Doll

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Struggle #5: Comparisons

This happens to me all of the time. I’m sitting, minding my own business, when a student sitting near me on the bus says, “Hey, you remind me of someone!” I look at them. “You remind of a girl who sits behind me in math class.” or “A kid on my soccer team” or “Insert name of redhead celebrity.” Here’s the catch. “You guys both have red hair!” Yep, I officially look like everyone with red hair. I officially look like Ed Sheeran! I have nothing against Ed Sheeran, but you know…. it’s kind of weird.

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Weird like this GIF

Okay, so now that I have made you regret everything you’ve ever said and done to a redhead, let me share some good things about being a redhead.

The Best Parts of Being a Redhead

  1. I’m pretty unique. Only 1 to 2 percent of the world shares my hair color
  2. I am not going to go gray when I am old. That’s right! I go straight to white!
  3. I can go as Ginny Weasley for Halloween and if people ask me if I’m Hermione, I can look at them like they are stupid and say “No, I’m Ginny Weasley!”
  4. Getting compliments from everyone about things I can’t control is super fun.
  5. I’d fit right in if I traveled to Ireland or Scotland

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So, I hope you all have learned something about redheads and our greatest redhead struggles. Please make sure to follow both of Samantha’s blogs, they are both really well written and are sprinkled with amazing photographs. She is also just a super nice blogger. Plus, she made the epic featured image. Thanks Samantha! Here are the links to her blogs and her part of this collab.

Her Personal Blog

Her Doll Blog 

Her Part of the Collab


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