I Will Always Write Back-Review

Hi guys! Welcome back to another book review. Guys, I love writing these so much! So today, I’m going to review a book that I recently re-read called I Will Always Write Back. The story is a real life story, so the book is somewhat an autobiography.

I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

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It focuses on Caitlin, who is an American teen, and Martin, an extremely smart boy from Zimbabwe who lives in poverty. Their story all begins with a letter. In school, Caitlin must write to an international pen pal.

After about a month, Martin writes back. That was the beginning of an incredible friendship. Long after everyone else has forgotten about their pen pal, Caitlin and Martin are still writing.

They write about their days, and their problems. Caitlin begins to send money when she learns how bad the situation is in Zimbabwe. The exchange rate is so high, that Caitlin’s 20 dollars can help a family with rent, food, and schooling. She sends a little money in each letter, then sends Martin a shirt. It’s his third shirt.

Eventually, she sends him care packages, and soon, Caitlin is helping Martin’s family live. One letter changes 2 lives for the better.

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Basic Book Info

Title: I Will Always Write Back

Authors: Caitlin Alifrenka & Martin Ganda with Liz Welch

Pages: 402 counting acknowledgements


My Thoughts

This is such a beautiful story that I want to read again and again. It’s inspiring and full of amazing quotes. The best part for me is that its real life. We can do this. We can make a difference and change somebody’s whole world just by becoming friends with them.

And the way both authors write, you can completely relate. Sometimes with autobiographies, you can’t relate at all because that’s just the way they write. But here, I understood Caitlin, I was like Caitlin, and it made me believe that I could change somebody’s world.

I also really like what an eye-opener this book is. We all know about poverty, but Martin’s chapters help us experience poverty. This book made me want to help people, to donate more.

And that is such a great thing for a book to do.  I am almost crying as I write this review, because it’s such a happy-sad story. (No wonder I like Disney so much)

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Yep, I’m a chameleon at a wedding while reading this book.

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I also want to rave about the cover. It is decorated like an envelope and it has the two continents on it. It pretty much summarizes the whole book.

I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

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And, my version has a few pages of pictures they sent each other. The pictures are one of my favorite parts of autobiographies. Some of the pictures show Martin’s home, which is really just a room.

I also love how this book makes me think about my own pen pals in a whole new way. Pen pals, you all are amazing.

So, I think this comes as a 0.0% surprise to anyone when….

I Give This Book 5/5 Pencils!

                         ✏                           ✏                      ✏                   ✏                      ✏


Have you read this book? Do you have a pen pal? I would love to know!

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