BIBPC the 5th Category 6-Reflection

What, we are almost done with BIBPC?! 😦 Best to enjoy these categories while they last. So, first of all, Team Pineapple, you are amazing.

team pineapple bibpc

Second of all, we had a choice of shadow or reflection this week and I am choosing reflection. I seem to have quite a few photos for this, so I picked my favorite.


There is a little story behind this. I was on the beach and I saw these two, picture perfect chairs. Looking at it a few days ago, I realised that they were reflected onto the wet sand.

Me being me, I decided to compose a short poem about it. #Bonus

2 chairs

on the beach

forever side by side

in 3D and 2D

Watching the world splash past

So, that’s basically it! Go Team Pineapple!

Sign Off



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