Kindness is a Butterfly….

Kindness is a Buterfly....heading

Hi readers! Welcome back! Today, I’m going to go a little bit off of our normal post content to talk about something that needs to be talked about. Kindness.

I’m sure that many of us have been being told by our teachers and parents since Kindergarten to “Be kind.” And by now, when people remind you, you roll your eyes. But you shouldn’t.

Because  the truth about kindness is that it can change the world.

Kindness is like a butterfly. Once you put it out there, it is released from its chrysalis. That kindness, like the butterfly, is going to go places. It’s going to soar by many people and land on them like flowers. After a while of doing that, it’s going to lay its egg on milkweed, or give other people the idea to share kindness. But, eventually, it will land on you, it’s original releaser once more.


Image via me


With everyone spreading ideas about it, soon people are sharing their kindness and are releasing butterflies left and right. And you can be a part of it, this simple act.

Let’s take a quick look at kindness changing the world.

Elsie is not having a good day. Her friends have decided they are too good for her and she is “out”. It’s hard to concentrate on her studies, and all she can think about is if the school has heard the news. Guess what? It has. And now, Elsie has no one to sit next to at lunch. All of the kids are pointing at, laughing at, and making jokes behind her back.

Enter Violet. Violet sits next to Elsie, and suddenly, her whole world opens up. Elsie has not only a new friend, but a new person to trust and a shoulder to cry on.

Or what about Carmen, the new girl? She has just moved here from another country and can’t speak English. Classes are a nightmare. Suddenly, someone speaks to her in words she can understand! They tell her it will be okay, that they’ve been through it too. School isn’t so hard anymore!

But let’s not forget about Daniel, who’s little brother is sick with cancer and might not make it. The worst part? Daniel can do nothing about it. But, a walk in the park is all it takes for him to forget about his worries for a second. While walking around a few trees, he finds a rock with the words “Stay Strong” on it. That makes his day and he remembers it through all of the fighting for his little brother. He even makes a few of his own little rocks and hides them around town. Now, imagine how many people that touches.

You can do this. Hand painted rock by Caroline. The Kindness Rocks Project

Image via

And you can be a part of this in your own way. All you have to do is…..

  • Compliment someone on their pretty shirt
  • Give a nice comment on someone’s post
  • Congratulate your friend who just accomplished something really big
  • Wave and say “Hi” to someone new
  • Sit at lunch next to a person you’ve never met before

It’s that simple.

But, if you wanted to do something bigger, you could always….

  • Donate your old clothes, shoes, and toys
  • Create Kindness rocks
  • Volunteer somewhere, anywhere
  • Create something you love, sell it, and then take the money and donate it.
  • Ask for cans instead of gifts for your birthday, to be given to your local food bank

That’s right. You can do all of those things, make a difference in the world.

You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire donating thousands of dollars to a huge charity. You can just do it… just you.

The world is waiting for it. So, let today be the day you release your little butterfly and let it soar to new heights.

Because kindness is a butterfly and a kaleidoscope of butterflies* begins with you.

Sign Off

*Kaleidoscope is the collective noun for a group of butterflies.





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