What’s In My Backpack?


Good day to you dear readers! As you may or may not know, I start school very soon! So, I was thinking about what sort of school themed post I could do when it hit me. I could do a ‘What’s in My Backpack?’ post!

Basically, I’m going to tell you/show you all of my school supplies!

First up is my backpack. I’ve had it for a few years and I like to put pins on it. I’ve recently added some other ones, but the only one you can currently see on it is my Hufflepuff pin! I also have a little clip that says “Smile” on it


Next up is a pic of my binders. That’s right, 2 binders. One for math and one for my other subjects. I like to make covers for them, but when I took the picture, I hadn’t made them yet.


Now we have my folders. Most of them are really plain, but I always get a special folder for all of my homework. It’s the multi colored one that says, “Make Today Amazing” on it. I got it at Staples.


Continuing onward, we have my pencils. I am rather particular about them. I like Dixon Ticonderogas because of their color, and they have nice erasers. I don’t like pencils with bad erasers. So, I have the normal ones, a set of lovely metallic ones from the same brand, and a pencil I covered with Washi Tape. (That wasn’t the smartest idea….) I also have my brand new set of colored pencils for school.


Are you particular about your pencils?

Now, we have the normal school supplies. Things like my pencil pouch, glue sticks, erasers, and pens. Just the boring, everyday sort of things.


Second to last are my notebooks. I have a purple one, a yellow one that I covered with pretty scrapbook paper, and my planner for this year.


Lastly is my lunch box. I got it at Target and it is covered with crayons. It was love at first sight because it was really cute.


I then have a few closeups of the school supplies.



So, What was your favorite school supply of mine? What’s in your backpack this year?

I would love to know!

Sign Off




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