BIBPC the 5th-Category 3-Books

Yay, what a great category! As you all know, I love books. I also love my little guinea pig Nibbles. While I was trying to get a profile pig-ture of books and Nibbles, I got this sort of “blooper”. Nibbles was attempting to actually eat the books! It turned out really cute.

So, Megan, here it is!


You can actually still see where Nibbles bit the book! Silly piggy!

Also, Megan asked us for extra photos from previous the previous category so we could earn more points if team members didn’t enter. So, I have  one extra picture for Circles, last times’ category.


While I was at Niagara Falls, I took this picture through a circle curl in the fence above the falls.

Go Team Pineapple!

team pineapple bibpc



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