Saturday Surprise-National Photography Day+BIBPC-Circles

Happy National Photography Day, you guys! I hope you all take the time today to take your lovely photographs. I know I will! In celebration of today, I have decided to post my 10 favorite pictures that I have taken in the past year. All photos will have been taken between last August and this August.

Plus, a few of these photos were taken on my trip to Canada, which I will be posting about soon! So, basically, you get to see sneak peek of that (Or more likely, those) post/posts! If it has an asterisk in the title, it means it’s from Canada.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents…..

Your dinner!


Just kidding! Those are the lyrics to Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast! But seriously. Pull up a chair, relax, and allow me and my winged dogs to present…….

The Photos!

1.The Fabulous Flamingos


I took this one in August, 2016 at the St. Louis Zoo. I love the coloration of flamingos, so I obviously had to take a photo of them! I love how they stand out against the green and the positions I captured them in. So cute!

2. An Inky Sort of Friend


I took around 5 photos of this little guy. I’m not too sure why, but he is absolutely adorable! I found him at the Charleston Aquarium earlier this year.

3. Going Up


This one should be familiar to some of you. It appeared in a previous post about my trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Beaufort, North Carolina. It’s the view from below a beach resort.

If you want to read that post, feel free to finish reading, comment ( 🙂 ) and then go to the ‘Previous Post’ button.

4. Next To Niagara *


This is the picture I took as we stood at one of the lookouts at Niagara Falls. We were literally right next to and sometimes above the falls! This was taken on the New York side.

5. The Library of My Dreams *


While we were in Canada, we toured the Parliament, and it is literally a castle. The inside is absolutely gorgeous, but my favorite room was the library. It looks exactly like the one from Beauty and the Beast and I would seriously live in there. Just look at all of the books and tell me who wouldn’t.

6. Boat Through the Falls *


While I was at Niagara Falls, I took this photo. When I took this photo, I took it because of the water and the flowers, but then the boat showed up, making it look even more magical.

7. New Views *


When you walk above the falls, there is an intricate iron railing that I took pictures through. I tried it out a few times and was pretty happy with the results. This was my favorite of those pictures.

8. At Sunset


Sunset photos are always colorful and bright, which is why I like them. This summer, we went to a school to get a view of the 4th of July fireworks. Thought the firework pictures were fails, the sunset ones were not. I love how the sky is so many colors, but the trees and power lines are black.

9. Nibbles!


Nibbles is my pet guinea pig, who first appeared in this post. He is almost 2 years old and very cute. I took quite a few photos for that post and this one turned out to be the best one.

9.5. Bonus Photo!


What, you didn’t think that I was going to leave you with only one picture of Nibbles, did you? This is my current profile picture. It’s Nibbles+Books!

10. The Ferris Wheel at Night (BIBPC) *


This is my entry for BIBPC the 5th, Category 2, Circles. The story of this Ferris Wheel is that when we were in Canada, we went on the Sky Wheel at night to see Niagara Falls all lit up. When we got off, I walked below it, and it looked like this, so I took a photo.

Hope you like it, Megan! Go Team Pineapple!

On that note, I leave you with a “Happy National Photography Day”, “Take Some Pictures”, and “Enjoy Your Weekend!”

Which photo was your favorite?



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