Meet Nibbles, My Pet Guinea Pig!

Hi, readers! I have returned! “From where, Rose?” you may be asking. Canada! I spent a week in Canada, so my last couple of posts were scheduled!

Today, I have decided to introduce you to my pet guinea pig, Nibbles, through pictures!

Are you ready?






Here he is, ladies and gentlemen! He is almost two years old. We got him in December, 2015. His cage was my Christmas present and we fell in love with him soon after.


Here he is, eating hay. If you didn’t know guinea pigs ate hay, congratulations, now you do!


That is an extreme piggy nose close up!


Nibbles has a large ‘play cage’ that we take him out in when we want to play with him, or  when it’s cage cleaning time!


Here he is eating in his play cage. We have to give him pellets once a day and vegetables twice a day. You can often see him foraging in his bowl looking for more veggies!

I really wanted him in my profile pic, so I took him out of his cage, and set him up with a book. Here is how it turned out:


He is on the book, and facing the camera, which is great!

I also tried it with many books.


He decided to nibble the books instead. 🙂


  • Food
  • Playing with owners
  • Chewing on paper towel tubes
  • Being petted/brushed
  • Watching Food Network and Disney Channel with the owners
  • Sniffing



  • Photo shoots (See below)


“Oh, I wonder what’s over there?”


Other Fun Piggy Moments

Piggy Selfie! #Chillinlikeapig
Hi there!
Why is there a big rectangle thingy in my face?

I hope you guys enjoyed meeting Nibbles! Would like to see another post about him? What was your favorite pig-ture? 🙂 I would love to know!






4 thoughts on “Meet Nibbles, My Pet Guinea Pig!

  1. He’s absolutely adorable! He looks a lot like my guinea pig, Clementine, except she doesn’t have nearly as much white fur. She only has one white paw and a diamond patch of white on her nose. How did you get him? (We got our piggies from a shelter)

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