Titling Your Blog Posts To Perfection!

This post is for Amalee! Your Welcome Amalee!

See This Post to discover why that is such a great reference!

Ahem. Moving on….

Amalee said in This post that she, “*prays to blog gods for them to create a blog about creating blog post titles*” So, I thought I could help a little with that. Amalee, I am here for you.

So, let’s get started. Making great post titles is kind of hard. Some you get right away, and others you don’t. I’m going to try and help with this by listing possible ways to go about writing blog post titles and things you want them to include. To simplify this long introduction, you basically want readers to do this:

Image result for zootopia sloth gif

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Here are some ways to do this and things to keep in mind:

1. Make A Punnish-Reference Thing

Punnish=uses puns. Yep, I totally made that up right now.

Image result for winky emoji

Image via

I did this in my post title “Art and Wonder and Crayons Oh, My! (A Trip to the Crayola Experience”, which you can check out Here

It’s based on The Wizard of Oz. You know:

Image via

So that’s one way you can do it. But, always make sure too…


2. Try and Stay on Point

Some titles are sweet and right to the point. And that’s a good thing. I mean, sure, you might need to add a little pizzazz to your title, but if you write “Fantastic Fluffy KITTENS!” To title a post that includes one kitten picture, but talks about carving watermelons for the rest, the title just doesn’t make sense.

It wouldn’t make sense for me to title this post, “Fantastic Fluffy KITTENS!” just because of this:

Image result for kitten

Image via

Now would it?

If you were going to write a post about carving watermelons, you should choose to call it something like,

“Completely Cool Watermelon Carvings”

“Carve That Melon”

or, “Melon Carving Mania”

All of these titles are right to the point, but have a little bit of pizzazz factor as well.

3. Adding the Pizzazz Factor

I’m not implying you need to bedazzle or dump glitter on your title to give it pizzazz (Because that would be #awkward), I’m saying you need to make it stand out. You could do this by adding adjectives.

Adjectives are awesome. If you’re trying to tell someone about a pretty painting, you’re not going to say,

“It’s pretty!”

That’s Boring with a capital “B”. Instead, you need to make them see all the pretty colors and the style and the brush strokes.

Image result for rainbow
See the pretty colors and the brush strokes? 🙂

Random image that matched my previous sentence via

That’s what you need to do for your blog posts. You need those adjectives to make your readers want to read your post.

You could also use alliteration. (I did not just spell “could” as “clould”) (How would you even say that?!”

Alliteration is basically using the same sound at the beginning of a word for the full sentence. That’s what I did in the example title, “Completely Cool Watermelon Carving”. It would actually work better if you decided to carve a cantaloupe. XD 🙂 . I also did that in the example title, “Melon Carving Mania”.

I did two for you guys without realizing it! Your Welcome!

Sorry if that is getting old fast. 😋 (This emoji means “smiling/silly”, not “enjoying delicious food”)

So, those are some ways to add the pizazzz factor, because titles are everything. People reject books because of bad titles! But always remember…

4. Titles Should Be Fun

If it makes you smile and makes sense, it’s a winner. Have fun writing titles and love your title. If you don’t love it you should list it! (Wow, I’m full of references today!)

Basically, what I’m trying to say is enjoy your post title, love your post title, and have fun writing it. Because blogging, is, if nothing else, fun!



I hope you enjoyed this post! Did I make too many references? More importantly, did you get the references? Was this post helpful at all? I would love to know!







4 thoughts on “Titling Your Blog Posts To Perfection!

  1. Literally LOLed when I saw this. Thanks so much, Rose! But you may regret the alliteration note–as you know, my alliteration stinks. *looks back post where I talked about Marvelous, Man-Made, uh, Candies*
    But thanks again! I’ll try to do this


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