People and Musicals Part 1: Animated Disney Movies

I love, love, love musicals. And I knew I wanted post something about them. But what about them? That’s when I had my light bulb moment.

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What if I “studied” different musicals and try to understand why people do or don’t like them very much. Is it the song? The dance? The fact that it’s just a classic? I don’t know, and that’s what I want to find out. This will have 4 parts to it:

  1. Disney Animated Movies
  2. Broadway Shows
  3. Live Action Movies
  4. Movies That Are Set to Original Music (Think Star Wars)

Today, I will be talking about Disney Animated Movies. So, let’s get started with one we all know very well:



Let’s all think back to a couple of years ago when all of a sudden, we all wanted to Let It Go, and give warm hugs to a snowman.

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And suddenly, everyone began to dress up as Anna and Elsa and see the movie on repeat. I’m sure this sounds very familiar as Frozen Fever still lives on.

But, what exactly was it that made it so popular? I think that this one was all about the songs. They were honest, funny, and sometimes heart-felt. And okay, maybe some of it was Olaf (Or, a lot of it), but most of it was the songs. I won’t go through every one of them for your sake, but let’s take a look at the main ones:

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

This one is very catchy and as I am writing this, it is currently playing somewhere in my mind. It basically gives an introduction to the whole Anna-Elsa relationship and what has happened to the castle. This one is very sad, especially what happens in between the verses, but, the song is necessary to understand the entire movie. Without it, we would be lost to see how Anna and Elsa feel about each other.

For The First Time In Forever

Anna’s part of this song is mostly comic relief, but she shares with us yet again, how much the castle had changed. It’s also sort of her every thought, yet… it makes sense. Elsa, on the other hand, oh boy. She is trying to be very careful and  is putting a lot of pressure on herself. Everything she’s known for most of her life, all of the warnings, today it really matters. For Anna, well, let’s just put it this way: “Nothing’s in myyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyy!”

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Let It Go

This one is the most popular song of the whole movie! For a full year, this was every little girl’s theme song. It was also Elsa’s transformation from good, perfect little daughter to magical ice queen/rebel. She even sings, to prove my point, “That perfect girl is gone!” It is the perfect example of how most people have a self hidden beneath them, just waiting to come out.

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What Frozen Teaches Us About People and Musicals

People like songs to share feelings. All of these songs, and possibly all songs in movies can be traced back to a certain feeling or idea.

They like songs to share things that mere dialogue can’t. I mean, how boring would Frozen be if Elsa’s transformation was spoken? I don’t even know how Disney would pull that off!

People like it when songs are silly, or certain words are silly. To put it in fancy terms, they like to see flaws in the character. Foibles, you could say. And people love it, apparently, when foibles are expressed through song!



Your Welcome for including this. Sorry, but that line/song is so fun to use in everyday situations. Moana is such a great movie , but the songs are the best part. They are just so fun to sing and listen too! Moana is just like one big dance party with the songs. Once, again, I’m going to go through a few of the main songs, so let’s see How Far I’ll Go with this *winkwink* 🙂 :

How Far I’ll Go

This is possibly the best song of the whole movie! (What, I never said this was going to be all factual) (Well, factual-ish) This song just shows Moana’s longing to get off the island and see the world, which seems to be a pretty common thing for people around that age. *Dances/sings to the Alessia Cara version of this song* She also seems to be conflicted between what she wants and what she is expected to want. So, it’s very honest and just so beautifully written.

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This is just such a pretty picture!

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You’re Welcome

This is the song you can incorporate into literally any conversation. Observe:

You: “I love your new shoes!”

Friend: “Thank you!”

You: “You’re Welcome” Winks at imaginary audience

See? Perfect!

This song is also extremely catchy. But, on a deeper note, we learn Maui’s back story and his personality. He is slightly self-centered and only acts in his own interests.  He also has a way of incorporating anything into his lyrics! Plus, his rhymes are spot on.

Despite all this, you’ve got to enjoy Maui.

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What Moana Teaches Us About People and Musicals

People like songs where they learn more about the character. You’re Welcome teaches us about Maui’s history and personality. Shiny teaches us about the villain-like creature Moana and Maui are up against. And, How Far I’ll Go is all about how Moana feels about the island and her role on it.



That’s all for today’s investigation/musical party! I hope you enjoyed learning about it! I sure had a fun time writing this post and I can’t wait to do more.









7 thoughts on “People and Musicals Part 1: Animated Disney Movies

  1. Ooh, this was a neat idea and I especially like your review of Frozen. 🙂 I think people liked it so much because Olaf is HILARIOUS and also because it incorporates the ever popular themes of true love and sacrifice/salvation, where Anna gives up herself to save her sister. 🙂

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