Art and Wonder and Crayons Oh, My! (A Trip to the Crayola Experience)

Hello readers! This post was supposed to be yesterday, but I didn’t get back till 10:30 pm, which is much to late to write a post. I’m very excited to post about this, because it features my own pictures. So, here we go. Welcome readers to….

My Trip to the Crayola Experience!

As you can see, it all starts at the front. In fact, the entire outer wall is a mural!

There is 4 to 5 hours worth of fun there, so this post is going to be a mere summary. I should probably start with the main attraction, the making of your own crayon label!

Your Very Own Crayon Creation!

This was my favorite part. You get to personalize your own crayons. How cool is that? Here, I’m going to share all the fun steps to making your own crayon!


  1. Select your crayon color. There are around 8 colors to choose from.
  2. Select your little symbol. There are symbols like hearts, stars, and music notes that can go on your crayon.
  3. Type up your crayon’s name. This is the fun part. You can put your name, or name the crayon whatever you want. I named a yellow crayon Sunny Wishes and my little sister named a green one Limabean Green!
  4. Print it… From a little slot comes your crayon and out of another, your label. *Fan girls*
  5. Roll it up! They have the coolest little machines that will roll your crayon for you. I need one of these machines! 


This little guy is on top of one of the Crayon Personalizers

Other Fun Things

Another cool thing you can do is color or draw a picture of a sea creature on a computer and than for a few minutes, it will swim around on a wall.

On the computer…


Swimming on the wall! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! 🙂



You can also color in dinosaurs and have them dance around on a little stage at the attraction Rockin’ Paper.

Just Dance!


That’s a pretty bad picture,  but just look at the stage! It is very adorable. Rock on, paper, rock on!

You can also use Model Magic, which you get at these cool little vending machines.

Also, you can make your own coloring page, make spin art with melted crayons, paint with melted crayons, see the world’s largest crayon (It’s 1,500 pounds!), and make lots of original keepsakes to remember your trip!

The World’s Largest Crayon! !,500 pounds worth of crayon!



What We Came Back With

My family and I came back with lot’s of art, photos, and of course, crayons! Not just our personalized crayons, but crayons bought for 25 cents each at the gift shop.

As a writer, I happen to love crayon names, so most of the ones I got were because of their names (Why else would you pick crayons?). I got….

  • Razzmatazz
  • Purple Pizzazz (Who’d have thought there’s a rhyme?!)
  • Unmellow Yellow (More rhymes. Wow.)
  • Shamrock
  • Caribbean Green
  • B’dazzled Blue (So sparkly…. :))
  • Razzle Dazzle Rose (The crayon of me)
  • Piggy Pink (My personal favorite. Pigs, I love you!)


Here is a wall of all the different colors with. Their. Own. Fonts!!!!! Fonts, I love you too!




So, I had a great time and I would totally recommend it for all ages. I had such a great time and I would totally go back. It’s one of those places where, each time you go, it’s a new experience.

Have you been to the Crayola Experience? Do love crayon names? What is your favorite crayon? I would love to know!









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