Updates/Info (A Boring Title For An Awesome Post)

Welcome back to A Purpose of Winged Dogs. As you can see, there have been some major changes from when you last saw this blog. I will share them all with you.

Today’s Post Will Feature…

  • Aesthetics
  • A posting schedule
  • What has happened to the posts
  • Lots of adorable images


Let’s get started…


Aesthetics (Aka My New Header)

So when you first come onto this blog, you  see….the header! Critics are raving about it!

“How beautiful!”

“What a perfect choice!”

“I give this header my first 5/5 ever!”

See? Everyone loves it! 🙂

I picked it because I wanted you to get a closer understanding of the blog’s name. Winged dogs fly! They fly in the sky! What a beautiful rhyme! Also, who doesn’t love clouds?

Image result for i love clouds

Image via



All About: Posts

My posting days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. One of those posts is going to be a book review. *Interrupts writing to go smell fresh-out-of-the-oven blueberry muffins* Hmm, maybe I should do some baking posts.

Image result for blueberry muffins
Observe the beautiful muffinness of them!

Yummy muffin pic via

Sorry about that. Anyway, I have made looking on the site easier for you by cutting off each post with a “read more” button. This is to help stop the endless scrolling that blog readers sometimes go through. I hope you find this to be helpful.

For those of you who are new to this blog (AKA just about all of you) my posts will be about books, writing, words, travels, art, and apparently baking (See a few paragraphs above).


Making This a “Real” Blog

So, know that all that is squared away, this blog is a little more “real”. It’s also time to discuss goals. By the end of 2017, I’d like at least 50 followers. I think this is a reasonable goal. By the way, I am so close to 10 followers! Guys, I have 8 whole followers on my blog.

That may not seem like much, but we aren’t all May Everly. I am very happy to have 8 followers in my less than 2 weeks of blogging. So, thank you!

Image result for thank you

Image via



What’s To Come

This is not going to be all sappy. This is just a list of some exciting posts to look forward too:

  • Introducing you to my pets
  • More book reviews
  • Telling you about the great series that you probably haven’t read
  • Writing
  • Friday’s post!
Image result for crayons
Here’s a hint about Friday’s post…

Crayons brought to you via




So, thank you all for reading this post. It turned out to have a lot more cool stuff than I thought it would. 🙂 Are you excited for Fridays’ post? Do you like my new header? Are you shocked to learn there’s an amazing series you probably haven’t read? I would love to know!




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