Hi and Welcome to A Purpose of Winged Dogs. My name is Rose and I love words, writing, crafting, and travel. I made this blog to share my words with you.

I plan on posting 2 to 3 times per week. I will share book reviews, crafts, and posts filled with imagination. Because (As you’ll learn below) the blog’s title is all about imagination.

You may be wondering how I decided to call this blog A Purpose of Winged Dogs. Well, it all started, like most things do, with a book. The book was Blueberry Pancakes Forever, the final book in the Finding Serendipity series. While reading, I found a beautiful, marvelous, string of words: A purpose of winged dogs.

This was the collective noun for the (sadly) fictitious winged dogs in the series. I knew I had to use it. Thus, the title of this blog was born.

For those of you who are unaware of what a collective noun is, it is the title of a group of people, animals or things. One example is a grumble of pugs (How cute is that?). Another is a prickle of porcupines (Also very cute). I highly recommend investigating more collective nouns, but here are a few more: A clew of worms, a walk of snails, a leap of leopards, and a sleuth of bears (#Beardetectives).


So please enjoy this blog, and I hope you come again soon,



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